Family & Fleet Accounts

The fleetcarsFamily Fleet

A Family Fleet consists of 3 or more cars in the same household.

With the purchase of 2 Unlimited Wash Club memberships there is a $5 discount on additional vehicles in the Family Fleet. (Not available on $5 wash for additional cars).

To enroll in the Family Fleet program see the on-site attendant at Happy Car Express Wash.

Commercial or Municipal Fleets

Happy Car Express Wash will customize a fleet account just for you.  Businesses will choose the wash best suited for their needs and receive significant savings over our standard pricing.  Monthly billing will show which vehicles are coming to get washed and frequency too.

Because each fleet account is unique, please email here to tell us about the number of vehicles in your fleet and we will tailor a package just for you.

Family & Fleet Accounts

Another way to get great discounts is to purchase wash cards (for others or for yourself!) Wash cards can save you up to 20% (see our Wash Card page here) and you can keep them easily charged online or at the site.   Keeping one in every car adds up to a big savings.

Please contact to discuss your custom fleet account.