Happy Car Express – Testimonials

Everybody Loves a Clean Car!

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“I cannot believe this car wash has been here 5 years and I never tried it. I thought it looked confusing, but it is not. So easy and my car has never looked better. I like that I can vacuum myself and love the 2 choices of vacuum heads.” – Clara W.

“Love this place!”  –  Charles D.

“Staff always extra friendly, car wash does the best job I have seen without hand washing.  Vacuums work perfectly every time.  Overall very nice facility compared to other options in the area with poor equipment and no staff. I love Happy Car!” – Jeremy Y.

“I cannot believe how easy this is to keep my car clean and so affordable. Why did I not come to Happy Car last year? I may join the unlimited club.” – Mike M.

“Attendants very helpful.  Will definitely start coming on a regular basis.” – Rasa B.

“Very great business.  Will go regularly.” – Debra W.

“Service was wonderful as it always is! I believe the young  man there at the time was named Nick who went above and beyond what I expected.” – David B.

“Love it! A live person came out to scrub bumpers and tires before going through the automated “thingy”. My car feels clean all-over. Thanks Happy Car.” – Mary-Jo F.

Help Preserve the Environment:

Washing cars in a parking lot allows untold amounts of chemicals to run directly into our storm sewers flowing to lakes and streams. A quality car wash such as Happy Car Express Wash uses no harsh chemicals – only products specifically made for the car wash industry.  Our wash water is pretreated on site before being sent to the Greenville Water System for purification.  Driveway washing uses 3 times more water than a professional car wash.